How to Drink Your 8 Glasses Per Day

Back in June, we posted an article on the importance of hydration. Since then, I have actively been trying to drink the recommended daily amount of water and it has not been easy.  I find that I forget to drink water until I am absolutely parched, at which point I am already dehydrated.  The trick, I have found, is to make drinking water more fun!

Not wanting to add sugar or artificial sweeteners to my water, I started looking into other options.  Here are some fun and delicious ideas that I have found.


Snipping a few leaves into my water bottle adds a wonderfully light and refreshing flavor!  I have a mint plant on my back porch which makes this a very simple endeavor.  If you don’t have one, I highly recommend it.  They are easy to grow and smell great!  Try bruising the leaves a bit to release the juices.


Lemon or Lime

A squeeze of lemon or lime in water adds a bit of tanginess and leaves an almost sweet aftertaste.  Lemon water also adds a little vitamin C to your diet and has been associated with improved digestion, complexion, and liver function.


Ginger and Cucumber

With the combination of spicy ginger and the sweetness of the cucumber, this water even tastes like you are at a spa!  Ginger is very good for your digestion in addition to providing relief from nausea and inflammation.  And be sure to eat the cucumber slices when you’re done!


If you have any water recipes or ideas that you’d like to share, feel free to leave us a comment!


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