What’s for Dinner Tonight? Meatless Mondays!


What are you having for dinner tonight?  There’s a movement sweeping the nation – Meatless Mondays! The goal of the Meatless Mondays campaign is “to help you reduce your meat consumption by 15% in order to improve your personal health and the health of the planet.” While for some an occasional or frequent vegetarian meal may be the norm, for many Americans the thought of an evening meal without meat is absolutely mind-boggling. Some may have concerns about providing enough nutrients for their families or even how to cook a healthy, meatless meal.  There are a multitude of high-nutrient, delicious recipes available.  Here are a few that we thought looked delectable:

Artichoke Navy Bean Chili

Asparagus Champagne Risotto

Lentil Winter Warmer

Moroccan Butternut Squash Saute

Zucchini Pancakes Topped with Diced Tomatoes

While there are many mouth-watering recipes that can be made without meat, it is important to remember to choose the healthy alternatives. For example, while french fries are indeed vegetarian, they are not the most beneficial to your overall health. Opt for carrot sticks instead!

Try a vegetarian meal tonight and let us know what you think. Then send us your meatless recipes and we’ll include them in an upcoming post!


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