Making Great Meals in Record Time

Imagine sitting down with your family to a nice home-cooked, healthy meal for dinner tonight. This meal doesn’t involve any un-packaging and de-frosting, you had time to go get fresh ingredients at the store! The reality? Your kids need to be picked up from soccer practice at six, your boss wants you to finish an impossible assignment before the end of the day and you are so tired by the time you get home – the thought of slaving over a stove for an hour makes you cringe. Before giving in to pizza delivery, consider that in just 15 minutes your home cooked meal fantasy can come true.

Have a game-plan:  Sometimes half the battle of a home-cooked meal is deciding what to make and if you have the proper ingredients. Instead of waiting until dinnertime to make your meal decision, find some time on the weekend to plan your week’s meals. Then, head to the grocery store and gather all your ingredients at once.

Keep it simple: A fresh, healthy meal doesn’t need to entail an elaborate and complicated process. Broiling salmon in the oven only takes about 10 minutes. While it’s cooking, heat up some broccoli and couscous for your sides. You’ll have dinner on the table before your kids can even think about take-out.

Utilize your Sous-Chefs: You might be the kitchen executive, but that doesn’t mean the rest of your family should sit on the sidelines. Have them do the dishes, set the table, or pour the beverages. You may even find some culinary talent in your midst!

Give yourself a solid Plan B: When cooking really does seem impossible, have some precooked meals in the freezer ready for you. On a rainy Saturday, consider making a big batch of chili or lasagna and saving enough for a meal later. You and your family will be thrilled to enjoy a nice dinnertime meal, minus the effort.

Bon Appétit!

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