Small Diet Changes that Make a Big Difference

With the New Year fast approaching, many of us will make a pledge to shed those pesky pounds in 2012. For the month of January, gyms will flood with motivated individuals who hit the elliptical at 5am. Fad diet books will fly off the shelves and into the hands of eager readers. By the time March rolls around, though, the gyms will have cleared and the weight-loss books will be covered in a nice layer of dust. People don’t stick with their New Year’s resolution simply because they don’t commit to practical changes. We can’t live off of grapefruit and 4:30am wake-up calls forever! This year, consider making sensible and small diet changes. You’ll stick with it and have much better results.

Eating in will prevent you from pigging out. We all like a tasty meal out at a nice restaurant. But did you know that most people eat hundreds of calories more when dining out? Try and find ways to eat at home when possible. Instead of catching up with a friend at a Mexican restaurant, make home-made fajitas together and splurge on drinks instead. The key is thinking about eating out as an indulgent treat as opposed to a habitual routine. An added bonus, you’ll save a considerable chunk of change as well.

Get rid of your candy jar. Eating just 30 M&Ms adds up to over 100 calories! Having candy around the house can increase your calorie intake dramatically. Moreover, you may eat away these calories without really consciously enjoy it. If you have a sweet tooth, go to the store and indulge in a small bag of candy when you really crave it. You’ll feel more satisfied without over-doing it.

Don’t drink your calories away. After a long day at the office or out with the kids, a glass of wine might sound like just the ticket to the relaxation you need. However; consuming multiple drinks on a nightly basis will send you on a path to a larger waistline. Before pouring a second glass, consider a hot cup of peppermint tea instead.

Indulge one night, but take it easy the next. None of us want to miss out on the fun because we’re worried about our figure. If you have a big holiday party on Saturday night, go ahead and have that cocktail and cheesy appetizer. Don’t feel guilty about it either! On Sunday, though,  just make sure you eat well and let your body recover. Get out for some exercise and think about skipping your morning latte. Come springtime, you won’t lose steam like everyone else. In fact, the only thing you’ll lose is some lbs.

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