How Massage Benefits your Immune System

After only a month of being sick-free, you’ve come down with another nasty bug.  This marks your fourth cold in the past year! Meanwhile, that pesky roommate of yours hasn’t shown any sign of illness in the 14 months you’ve lived together.

Most of us go through periods in life when our immune systems sit at an all-time low. Stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and poor diet all contribute to our body’s inability to fight off bacteria and viruses effectively. The good news? You can significantly strengthen your immune system through repeated massage therapy sessions. Who would have thought the process of getting strong and healthy would feel so relaxing?

Studies have shown that repeated massage therapy sessions helps boost your body’s cytotoxic capacity. This means an increase in the number of cells in your body has dedicated to fighting off bad bacteria and viruses. Massage also increases circulation and blood flow, which helps your body transport nutrients to important areas more efficiently.

Repeated massage increases the levels of serotonin in your body. This immunity-boosting hormone decreases your stress and anxiety levels. Ultimately, serotonin enables your body to focus on fighting infection and illness as opposed to focusing its energy on stress management. Giving your body one less thing to worry about will definitely make for a healthier you!


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