Ways to Clear your Mind of Clutter

Get outside. When things start getting a little on the stressful side, either at work or home, consider stepping out for a moment and taking in some fresh air. Even just a few minutes may help restore your sense of calm and ease. Better yet, spend a day on the weekend exploring the natural wonders of Washington.

Start a journal. Working through a mind of clutter can feel difficult without the help of a pen and paper. Get in the habit of writing down your thoughts around a topic causing you stress. Or dedicate 15 minutes everyday to sitting and writing whatever comes to mind.

Resolve your conflict. Depending on the situation and your personality, conflict can greatly monopolize on your brain power. While confronting the situation head-on may seem initially more stressful, nothing feels better than finding resolution. Try sitting down and calmly talking through the disagreement constructively. Having a neutral party involved may help you both effectively understand each other.

Schedule a massage. Even just the word “massage” makes me feel more relaxed! Aside from a sense of calm, massage helps lower blood pressure, relax and repair muscles, and relieves tension headaches.

Get organized. In order to clear out a head full of clutter, we may need to first clean up some of our actual clutter. Working on a desk you can’t actually see or living in a house full of things you can’t find can make your stress levels soar. Take the time to organize your things – who knows, you may even work through some of your thoughts in the process!


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