Geriatric Massage: The Significant Power of Touch

Although aging is a natural part of life, sometimes our aches and pains can feel burdensome. Many seniors contend with arthritis, joint and muscle pain, and subsequent depression over getting older. The good news is that geriatric massage can directly address some of the common issues facing seniors as they age.

Geriatric massage, specifically geared for the elderly, uses light massage and stretching techniques to promote blood circulation, improve balance and flexibility, and increases serotonin levels to help ease the burden of depression. Additionally, this form of massage decreases joint, muscle and arthritis pain while simultaneously improving joint mobility and improving posture. Wow!

As we continue to age, studies have shown that touch remains a powerful sense while the other four senses begin to diminish. Seniors respond particularly positively to touch – both lowering risk of anxiety and increasing their feelings of comfort.

Be sure to speak with your doctor before starting a massage therapy routine. It is also important to address any areas of discomfort or concern with your massage therapist before your session begins.

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