Here’s to Your Health! The Benefits of Wine

Washington has developed quite a reputation for red wine. We’ve got vineyards all over Eastern Washington, giving states like California a run for their money.  Fortunately, for those of us living in the western part of the state, we need only drive as far as Woodinville to experience a slew of tasting opportunities. People drink wine for the social aspect, the unique taste and well, it just makes you feel good after a long day at work. Good news! The benefits of drinking wine transcend to your health as well*.

They key health component in red wine is a polyphenol compound called reservatrol. You’ll find this antioxidant in the skin of red grapes, but reservatrol is not as abundant in grape juice because the skins are removed early in production. As part of wine production on the other hand, vintners keep the skins on the grapes for a much longer period of time.

Because of its antioxidant compounds, studies have shown that small, regular amounts of red wine promotes heart health by increasing blood flow and reducing blood clots. Additionally, wine is classified as a mild tranquilizer, lowering tension and anxiety and supporting relaxation. Reservatrol also has been shown to reduce an individual’s risk for certain cancers such as thyroid cancer.

Before you run to the store and buy a bottle just for you, keep in mind that consuming more than one serving of wine a day will counteract the benefits and may actually cause much more harm then good. Men should drink no more than 10oz of wine a day, and a serving of wine for women amounts to around 5oz. Finally, if you stay away from alcohol, you can get reservatrol from food items like grapes (no surprise there), blueberries and peanuts.

*One should not consume alcohol a day before or after a massage therapy session.

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