Stress Management Approaches to Tardiness

The snooze button: our best friend and worst enemy. “Beep Beep Beep Beep!” – snooze! The alarm goes off again and on a good day, we turn off the alarm and stumble into the shower. On a less motivated morning, the alarm-snooze routine can take us into a hectic morning full of forgetfulness, stress and tardiness. We hop in the car running 10 minutes late and turn into the Incredible Hulk,  yelling at pedestrians, speeding well past the limit and ferociously trying to eat breakfast at red lights. Then comes the awkward eyebrow raise from your boss as you tear into work. The look says it all, “Really, late again?”

Unfortunately, there is no way around it: Starting the day off late means starting the day off stressed. Living a life of tardiness means you may also find yourself feeling stressed more often then not. We’ve gotten past the bad news; let’s get to the good news! By making small changes to your daily routine, you can eliminate a considerable amount of stress in your life, hopefully leading to a happier and more fulfilled one too.

Plan ahead – easier said then done, right? Try spending a week keeping track of how long it takes you to get from A to B and back again. By the end, you’ll have an accurate picture of travel time, and can plan your morning accordingly. Also, if mornings aren’t your strong suit, try and get as much done as possible the night before. Before going to bed, pack your lunch, pick out an outfit and take a shower. You’ll probably shave 30min off your morning routine!

Swallow a little pessimism – We’re not saying you should turn into “Debbie Downer”, but if you assume traffic is a mess and that you’ll end up hitting every red light, it eliminates the surprise and frustration when it becomes a reality.

Say “No” – Sometimes, tardiness occurs not from time management issues, but simply because you’ve made too many commitments. When your schedule begins getting a little chaotic, don’t feel bad about saying no. After all, it’s better to enjoy a few things then stress out about a lot of things.

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