Why YOU Should Become a Massage Therapist

Stuck in a 9-5 desk job? Feel like your occupation doesn’t provide you with much of a reward? Whether a recent graduate or someone well into their career, just about everyone is hoping for a job with flexible hours, good pay, security, and satisfaction from the work they do every day. Before settling with a career that makes you compromise, consider becoming a massage therapist!

Job Security – More and more individuals realize the significant health benefits of regular massage therapy. In fact, even through the recession the massage industry has continued to grow considerably. With growing demand for a holistic approach to wellness comes a dire need for more professionals in the field. Essentially, if you enter into the field of massage therapy, you have a great chance of being employed quickly.

Job Satisfaction – Massage is more than just a luxury for special occasions and celebrations, studies have found significant health benefits relating to massage therapy. Regular massage sessions can help lower stress levels, increase relaxation, support your immune system, help with blood flow, and manage pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other illness.  The healing power of touch can lower blood pressure, increase range of motion, relieve headaches and help women through their pregnancies. The list goes on! As a massage therapist, you help people every day improve their health. That’s certainly hard to beat!

Flexible Hours – A massage therapist is not confined to a desk from 9-5 Monday – Friday. A full time therapist works 25 hours per week. With flexible hours on top of that, you can better juggle work and a personal life like raising a family. Plus, while working you’re also leading a healthy, active lifestyle yourself.

Good Pay – As a massage therapist, you have many options for the setting in which you want to work. You can go into private practice, work for a hospital, high end spa, on a cruise ship or work for a franchised company like Massage Envy. These come with a range of pay grade, but in general a full time (25hr/wk) therapist can expect to make, on average, between $30K to $40K annually. Woohoo!

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  • Elden Appello

    Massage therapy is good for the bones and muscles as it helps them relax and it can also ease psychological tension as well.

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  • priscilla

    hello my name is Priscilla im attending mayfeiled college to become a massage therapist im excited but im always hearing from others that massage therapy isent so great when it comes to money wise and it can be very tiearing i dnt know but still willing to take a shot just trying to get some advise from a profechinal

  • priscilla

    i enjoy helping others feel better

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