26 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Looking for an easy way to improve your health? Get your hands on some coconut oil ASAP! This tropical gem is full of healthy acids that benefit your whole body, head to toe. Between this and chia seeds, we may just be set for life. Not convinced just yet? Here are 26 reasons to love coconut oil.

  1. Have some pesky dandruff or split ends? Coconut oil great for the hair and head.
  2. Coconut oil helps your body build up a sun tolerance and helps you avoid getting burnt.
  3. If you’re already sun burned, try rubbing coconut oil on like you would aloe vera.
  4. Worried about stretch marks during pregnancy? Rub coconut oil on your growing belly.
  5. Coconut oil removes some of the toughest eye make-up. Simply put a generous dose on a cotton swab.
  6. Skip the moisturizing body lotion, coconut oil leaves your skin silky smooth.
  7. Replace your regular cooking oil with coconut oil, especially high-heat cooking such as a stir fry.
  8. Coconut oil helps to moisturize your chapped lips
  9. Get over your cold faster by mixing a tablespoon of coconut oil with a cup of hot tea
  10. You’ll find coconut oil used by some massage therapists as it helps with stress relief and relaxation.
  11. Coconut oil helps you maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
  12. A dose of coconut oil a day helps keep the dentist away! That’s right, your gums and teeth will be in better shape.
  13. Need to shed those last few pounds? Coconut oil can aid with weight loss.
  14. Coconut oil gives your immune system a boost, preventing you from getting sick as often.
  15. Individuals with diabetes can help keep their insulin in control with a dose of coconut oil.
  16. Tired of those pesky varicose veins? Coconut oil will reduce their appearance.
  17. What about cellulite? Oh yeah, coconut oil helps that go away as well. (helps them or that?)
  18. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties, helping individuals get some relief from arthritis pain.
  19. Rub coconut oil on your cuticles to help your nails grow strong and healthy.
  20. Need a brain boost, some studies suggest that ingesting coconut oil helps to give you additional brain power.
  21. Some report a better night’s sleep after incorporating coconut oil into their daily diet.
  22. Coconut oil has cancer-fighting components
  23. Can you guess what can help lower high blood pressure? Coconut oil!
  24. Your bones won’t feel left out; coconut oil helps to keep your bones healthy and strong.
  25. Reduce your age spots with…wait for it…coconut oil!
  26. Put coconut oil on your face before bed, to help moisturize the skin and reduce wrinkles.

There you have it! 26 reasons why we should all have a bottle of coconut oil in the house. The only question that remains: is there anything that coconut oil CAN’T do?

Photo By: Phú Thịnh Co

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