How to Have an Awesome Old School Halloween

We all remember the simple joys that came with strolling around door to door in costume, expecting massive amounts of candy and fun. So, let’s abandon Pinterest for a minute and get back to the basics of a good ole’ fashioned spooky halloween. It’s time for a little Halloween throwback!

1. Make your own costumes! Scrounge around the house for materials (old clothes, bedsheets, paint) and get down to business. Get creative! Gypsy, zombie, pirate, you name it, there must be SOME way to make it happen.

2. Put Monster Mash and Thriller on repeat.

3. Grab a pillow case or plastic bag to go trick-or-treating and fill it up to the brim.

4. Go crazy on the food! Everyone needs a celebratory binge once in a while. Just eat it all in bits – moderation everyone, moderation.

5. Stay up late and tell spooky ghost stories while you carve silly faces into pumpkins.

Enjoy the magic!

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