Healthy Holiday Tips: Enjoying Delicious Party Food Without Guilt

Worried about holiday weight gain? Utilize these tips and you’ll be able to brush those fears away with confidence.

Strategy #1: Beat Holiday Munchies to the Punch

To avoid mindlessly munching on snacks and desserts at a party eat before you get there! If you aren’t hungry you will be less likely to grab whatever food is in sight without thought. Eat a small meal before you leave the house and you’ll be set.

Strategy #2: Trick Your Mind

Concentrate on what you’re eating, slow down, take your time…research has shown that snacking while conversing or watching something entertaining can actually lead to mindless eating. No one wants that! So focus on the task at hand, that delectable little morsel in your hand, and go from there.

Strategy #3: Break Old Habits

Eat the tidbits that are best for you first! For example, a veggie plate, chips and salsa, or main dishes like soups and casseroles can be a great way to get a full, balanced meal at a party. Avoid empty calories and sugars and stick to wholesome goodies that you know will make you feel good later.


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