The Perfect Facial for a Flawless Bride

Do you want flawless skin for your wedding? Of course you do! If you’re getting married this summer, now is the time to start refining your skincare routine and adding a few additional perks to ensure that you look clean and clear on the biggest day of your life.

A good facial typically includes a variety of treatment qualities: exfoliation, surface cleansing, toning, extraction, and more! The combination you choose to receive will depend primarily on your skin type and what you are hoping to achieve. For most brides, you will want to ask for something that will brighten and moisturize your skin, reducing pores and blemishes to ensure that you look sparkling both in person and on camera.

Murad Healthy Skin facials are a great place for any bride to start. These high performance clinical skincare formulas target specific skin concerns to dramatically improve the look and feel of skin. Reduce the appearance of unwanted pigmentation from sunlight and stress, restore firmness and health to your skin’s texture, and help repair any damage and scaring you may have developed with Murad’s Environmental Shield Vitamin C Facial.

When you’re finished you’ll discover the radiance and glow that every bride should experience on her wedding day. Enjoy!


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