Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Spa-Lovin’ Mama

If it were up to us, we would give our mothers the world – a trip to Europe and all the delights money could buy. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have bottomless bank accounts, so a little creativity comes in handy. We’ve taken the time to design the perfect Mother’s Day Gift Guide for those moms who would like nothing more than just a quiet getaway, free from stress and busyness. In fact, according to this survey, nearly 50% of moms would love a spa day or “just five minutes of peace” for Mother’s Day over flowers or a fine dinner.

So, here’s the round up!

  1. Set the scene with a spa-like stone mat to soothe those aching feet. Add a little bit of pizzaz to the environment.
  2. Grab the most luxurious towels you can find – natural fibers are a plus!
  3. Treat your mother to breakfast in bed! Waffles, pancakes, a special-made omelet – you name it.
  4. Cook dinner for a change and pick a meal that is nutritious and delicious!
  5. Give her a “spa in a basket” including pretty soaps, lotions, a new hairbrush, and anything else she might need for her day of leisure.
  6. Make your mom a homemade scrub with this recipe.
  7. Provide a pair of monogramed slippers to keep her toesies cozy.
  8. Close out the weekend with a gift card from Massage Envy Spa! Give her something extra special to look forward to.
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