Should Men Get Facials?

When most men are asked whether or not they would consider getting a facial, it’s not unlikely that you’ll hear a few chuckles. To many men, facials seem silly, extravagant, and something that crosses the line of “manliness.” We disagree!

In this day and age, men are encouraged to style their hair, use special shaving creams and oils, and take seriously their repertoire of colognes and conditioners. In fact, to pass the New York state barber exam, students are required to know how to give a facial! Taking care of the body and its physical appearance of very much a part of normal life. So why does skincare not fall in this category?

“A lot of people are afraid to do it, or they don’t want to bother,” says Tony DeAngelis in Chris Wright’s article for Gear Patrol, It’s Time to Break the Last Male Grooming TabooHowever, the result is clearly worth the “bother.” When XYZ tested his first facial, he felt refreshed, rejuvenated, and incredibly relaxed. He said of the experience,

“I entered the facial tired from work and left it with a face that felt scrubbed, melted, and raw against the night air. When I looked into the mirror after the twenty minute process I looked a healthy shade of pink and had a big ole smile. I felt the same bliss that a cigar…had compelled the night before.”

Who doesn’t want bliss?!

Facials are a huge piece of relaxation. Barbershops and spas can become an escape where an hour becomes precious ‘me time,’ if you’re willing to give them a chance.  Plus, there are the actual skincare benefits to remember. Facials can work magic – brightening and filling the skin, removing toxins and impurities, unclogging pores, relieving acne, and stimulating new skin cell growth. It’s impressive!

So friends, we are just a month away from Father’s Day. Why not give your dad a facial to celebrate – an experience he won’t forget, and a chance to enjoy a little bliss.

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