Nutrition for your Skin

Want the most amazing skin you can have? It starts from the inside. To look your absolute best, give your skin the nutrients it needs to glow! You can do this by eating right and taking care of your skin. For example, did you know that tomatoes contain lycopene (think pasta sauce!) and can help eliminate free radicals that age your skin?

Here’s a few other skin nutrition tips:

Foods high in vitamin C like dark green leafy vegetables, oranges, and yellow bell peppers reduce wrinkles and help collagen production.
Omega-6 fatty acids are dry, itchy skin’s best friend and keep the skin moisturized.
In one study, green tea was found to help prevent skin cancer and reverse the effects of sun damage.
Dark chocolate actually contains antioxidants to help skin texture and resistance to UV rays. YUM!

Of course, taking care of the outside of your skin is necessary to protect it from sun damage. Use sunscreens that contain UVA and UVB protection. And remember to use them every day and apply often. You’ll get the protection you need and the benefit of younger looking skin.

Facials are another effective way to help your skin’s appearance and maintain its healthy glow. There are a ton of local spas in the Seattle area, like Massage Envy ,that have several different types of healthy skin facials to choose from to help with your specific skin concern from acne to aging skin. They can then help you choose the treatment that best fits your needs.

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