Staycation Spa

Don’t do chores on your next day off. Have a staycation spa day! The best part of a staycation is that there is no need for the price tag of travel. You can escape, unwind, relax and take care of you at home. It’s fun and easy – even if you are limited on time and budget. Here are a few suggestions to help turn your day into the ultimate staycation spa day:

• Catch up on your sleep. Research tells us that we need about 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Making sleep a priority will go a long way to helping you achieve a healthier you.
• Do yoga or take a walk. Yoga and walking encourages health and wellness and helps to relieve stress and unclutter the mind. And if you don’t like the smell of sweat all around you, you can do guided yoga in your own living room with the help of some great yoga apps.
• Read a book. Reading is good for you. It helps reduce stress, improves memory, and keeps the brain active. There must be a few books on the “100 great books to read” list that you haven’t read yet!
• Get a massage. The benefits of massage range from better posture to strengthening the immune system. And it feels so amazing!
• Try a facial. Rejuvenate and improve the overall health of your skin with a facial. Your skin will glow!

Find a local Seattle spa here. Places like Massage Envy offer really affordable rates for top quality services. Relax and enjoy!

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