Summer Staycation

Beat the heat and keep your wallet cool this summer by taking a Staycation. It’s an excellent way to cut back on expenses while maximizing your fun!

With a staycation you can be a tourist without the baggage. You can get out and do the things you can’t do while in the grind of everyday living. Check online for free and fun things to do around Seattle or your city.

A summer staycation is the perfect time to:
• Think like a tourist. Get out and explore your hometown.
• Take a hike. There are plenty of parks and paths to see. And during the week there are less people to share the views and vistas.
• Get near the water. Feel like a kid again and take a day “at the beach” and enjoy the summer sun. Pack a picnic and your sunscreen!
• Visit local attractions. Go to a museum. See a play. And get the discounts!
• Go to a movie in the middle of the day
• Host a BBQ
• Try a massage. Or a facial. Or a foot scrub. At a Massage Envy Spa you can relax and let your cares melt away.

The possibilities are endless, but summer isn’t. Make your summer at home extraordinary! At least until next Monday…

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