The Ultimate Fall and Winter Fitness Guide

21 Ways to Boost your Fall and Winter Fitness

Fall brings cooler weather and countless opportunities to get in shape. Follow this guide to get the most out of your fall and winter fitness routine.

  1. Warm up—give your body time to adjust to the colder temperatures. Get your heart rate up inside for five minutes and once you go outside take short breaks during the first 10 minutes
  2. Rake Leaves—if you don’t have a yard try another outdoor activity that gets your heart rate up like apple picking
  3. Start small—if you normally do 4 miles in the summer, start with 2. Let your lungs acclimate to the colder temps
  4. Wear a hat (or headband) and run with a scarf or one of these great breathable neck warmers–you lose the most heat from your head!
  5. Stay Hydrated—you don’t see sweat loss like you do in the summer, but it’s still happening. Drink plenty of water! Try making these tasty fall-inspired fruit infused waters                                                     Fall and Winter Fitness
  6. Be flexible with your workout time—if you normally work out in the morning, you may want to try and workout mid afternoon instead when it’s warmer
  7. Go on a hike—fall is arguably the best time to get outside and see nature. The colors are changing and the cooler temperatures will keep you from getting too hot on more challenging trailsFall and Winter Fitness
  8. Workout during commercials—fall means lots of great TV. Try these ideas for working out in small spaces
  9. Switch to a standing desk at the office—statistics show that people who use standing desks burn more than a third more of their caloric intake than of those who use conventional sitting desks!
  10. Map your route—especially in the winter, it’s important to know the roads you are exercising on are clear and safe
  11. Avoid wind—with temperatures already low, wind can make those temps feel even colder. Attempt to stay on tree or building lined streets and avoid running near water
  12. Workout at your desk during your office lunch break—you can walk or run in place, do standing lunges, do tricep dips off a chair, lift dumbbells, do push-ups or sit-ups                                                                                Fall and Winter Fitness
  13. Walk to lunch—this is an easy change to start incorporating into your fall and winter fitness routine. You can burn extra calories and get fresh air with a change of scenery for increased productivity
  14. Find the perfect “Fall Workout” playlist. Try this!
  15. Grab some stylish running leggings and invest in a pair of cold weather running shoes–these perform and protect!                                                                                              Fall and Winter Fitness Fall and Winter Fitness
  16. Wear Chapstick—you can even apply Vaseline to your nose and cheeks to prevent chapping and windburn during your fall and winter fitness
  17. Wear a “wicking” base layer–the layer closest to your body should be made from any of these well-known base layer materials such as DryFit, Thinsulate, Thermax, CoolMax, polypropolene, or silk. This will wick the sweat away from your body, keeping you dry and warm (Avoid cotton clothing and socks—when you sweat, cotton won’t wick away the moisture so you’re left with it on your skin which will make you colder)
  18. Ski, snowboard, sled, snowshoe, or ice skate—these winter activities are so much fun you won’t even notice that you’re burning major calories!                                                                                                                                                          Fall and Winter Fitness
  19. Cool down—keep fall and winter fitness cool-downs brief to avoid getting too chilled. Slow your pace for a few minutes, then go inside to stretch
  20. Practice hot yoga—sweat out your toxins and burn tons of calories while getting in tune with your spiritual side
  21. Rejuvenateget a massage after your workout to promote a healthy body, mind, and spirit during the dark, colder months that can sometimes bum us out                                                                                                                                         Fall and Winter Fitness
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