Does Black Friday Stress You Out? Here Are 5 Tips to Keep You Stress-Free.

Just as you finish putting the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge, the next holiday is already beginning. Black Friday. This day looms over us for the month of November while we debate whether or not the deals are worth the stress and traffic. If Black Friday stresses you out as much as it does most of us, here are 5 tips for staying sane and adding a bit of relaxation to your Thanksgiving weekend.

  1. Start Shopping Early

Be on the lookout for deals that don’t require you to trek out into the night or early hours, still full from Thanksgiving dinner. Black Friday is no longer a one-day event. If you’re proactive and seek out stores who offer their deals all week long, you’ll avoid the traffic, craziness, and stress that the actual day would be sure to hold.

Begin Black Friday Shopping!

  1. Shop Cyber-Monday Instead

Our shopping habits have long since shifted to an e-commerce centric nature. (Those lucky enough to live in Seattle, WA can even have Amazon Now deliveries in less than an hour!) So, skip Black Friday all together and shop amazing online deals on Cyber-Monday from the comfort of your own couch, bed, or desk.

Cyber Monday

  1. Have a plan

Whatever you do, do not venture out to the mall with no plan or shopping goals in mind. This is a sure way to have a stressful, unsuccessful Black Friday. Social stalk the stores you want to purchase from to make sure the deals you want are available when you go shopping. Be prepared with alternative items in mind in case what you want is not available or sold out. Make sure you have promos or coupons with you if they are required to receive special offers.


  1. Participate in campaigns from companies who choose to close on Black Friday

Some businesses have chosen to opt out of Black Friday in hopes that the marketing behind this strategy will earn them enough influence and likability to combat any sales lost during that day. You can #OptOutside with REI and find a relaxing activity to keep your mind off the stresses of the holidays.



  1. Shop deals with free gifts for yourself

You deserve a little something for yourself if you are participating in the busiest, craziest, and most stressful shopping day of the year. Keep an eye out for deals that tack on something extra that you can use for yourself. Check out the amazing deal Massage Envy has on gift cards. Spend $150 on gift cards and receive a FREE 1-hr massage!


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