5 ways to De-Stress in the Pacific Northwest

Spring has sprung in the Pacific Northwest

Between spring cleaning, having kids home from school, and the first sunburns of summer, the warmer weather doesn’t always mean a stress-free season. Lucky for you, the good ol’ PNW has endless options for de-stressing this time of year!

1. Camp Lakeside

camp lakeside

Get outside this spring and pitch a tent next to a serene lake. Takahlakh Lake, Lake Ann, Moran State Park: All perfect destinations to get away from the crowds and enjoy some R&R. De-stress while floating in the water, reading a book, bird watching, or hiking lakeside trails.

2. Peruse a Farmers Market

peruse a farmers market

The Pacific Northwest is home to an incredible amount of farmers markets. Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables are no stranger to this area. Take some time to explore and carefully choose your produce from friendly local farmers as a way to de-stress this spring.

3. Grow Your Own Garden

grow a garden

Join a community garden or start one of your very own! Gardening can be extremely therapeutic and stress-relieving. Being one with nature and creating something from nothing has countless benefits to your mental and physical health.

4. Host Backyard Bonfires

host a backyard bonfire

Simple yet effective. Take the family outside or invite a group of friends for a chill “night out”. Spark a fire, make s’mores, and de-stress with the crackling of the firewood and the aromatherapy of that “sure to stick” bonfire smoke.

5. Rejuvenate Your Body

rejuvenate your body

Good for any time of year, but is especially useful as we start showing more skin. Get a massage, facial, or sugar scrub; whatever makes you feel fresh, beautiful, and stress-free.

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